While competing with some of top product engineering companies in the world, if you had to build a consumer product, which was used by 100+ million users, how would you ensure you were investing in the right features, that will be cherished by your users?

Like every other startup, we had limited time & resources, and survival was at stake with every product decision. In such a high-pressure environment how do you:

  • Structure your organisation for rapid user value generation?
  • Create a data-driven, experimentation culture?
  • Get user feedback in a constructive, sustainable manner?
  • Drive Engineering Excellence?
  • Bring predictable innovation?
  • And build a great user experience?

If these challenges ring a bell, then this keynote is for you. Come experience the story of a young start-up's transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

What did we do to achieve the following:

  • Consumer First Thinking
  • Autonomy and Alignment (within the organisation)
  • De-risk ourselves

Learning Outcome

  • How to build a Product Discovery Culture
  • Benefits of Dual-Track Agile
  • Typical challenges during such transformation

Target Audience

Anyone interested in building products that matter!

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  • Sean Dunn

    Sean Dunn / Chris Edwards - Scaling Your Continuous Deployment Using Docker and Containers

    90 Mins

    How can new tools and technologies shorten our feedback cycles, and reduce pain and frustration of deployment and maintenance of systems? How do you scale your continuous deployment system to support more developers? This hands-on technical session demonstrates how new containerization technologies like Docker and Concourse CI can be used to build deployment pipelines. Sean and Chris will show how to build a deployment pipeline, configuration-manage it, and deploy software through it. 

    No previous technical knowledge of Docker or Containers is needed. 

    This will be a 2 part. The first 45 minutes will go into the basics of docker. The second 45 minutes will show how to setup a Concourse.CI continuous delivery pipeline.

  • Julian

    Julian - The Gamification of the on-boarding and Engaging People

    45 Mins
    Case Study
    According to Glassdoor.com that counts over 18 million users per month (15 millions are in USA) one new employee out of 6 quits his new job in the first 3 months. 1/3 of employees quit their job within the first 6 months. Out of this 1/3, 1 in 3 cited insufficient on-boarding services. Nearly 1/4 said that a properly managed on-boarding process would have helped persuade them to stay in their positions. Considering the average recruitment costs (the Head Hunter, the total hours dedicated to the candidates’ screening, the interviews, the tests, the final interview, the stress of the Team waiting for the new colleague or boss…), why are companies not paying attention to this very crucial moment in people’s careers? It is like going to a travel agency, book the trip of your dreams, the travel agent has promised you to send you to the most beautiful resort ever and when you land, the guy forgot to tell you it is rain season…
    Maybe we can offer a better plan after all.
    Learn how Etix Everywhere solved the issue of a high pace recruiting, correct on boarding and quick integration and engagement of new comers.
  • Noopur Pathak

    Noopur Pathak - The Magic knobs of Agile Digital Marketing

    Noopur Pathak
    Noopur Pathak
    schedule 4 years ago
    Sold Out!
    45 Mins

    My experiments with Agile Digital Marketing led me to tap into my own creativity and innovation.

    Being a marketeer, I never had the luxury to depend on a single technique for a longer period of time. With the change in technology, product attributes and customer expectations, everything changes everyday. Since Agile talks about adapting to the changing environment, I chose to club Agile and Digital Marketing practices to survive and grow in the shifting ecosystem.

    The journey began with breaking down Google Adwords marketing campaigns into smaller iterations than doing it at once. The results have been overwhelming both financially and emotionally. 15-20% of the budget allocated could be saved. 

    In this session, I share my journey 'Monomyth' to move from known to unknown and reach back home with newfound wisdom - 'The Magic knobs of Agile Digital Marketing'. 



  • Rajeev Chandrasekharan

    Rajeev Chandrasekharan - 9 1/2 pH (preferred Habits) - Enabling Habits that Foster Agility

    45 Mins

    As organizations adopt Agile practices and work to make leaders and all employees realize the value of an Agile mindset, they struggle with trying to influence the larger and broader organization. Large organizations have habits that are built over time and embedded in the culture and can serve as an autonomic defense mechanism against change. Realizing this and addressing this is vital to moving everyone towards the agility that organizations need to survive and be competitive. We will share some key highlights of how we are approaching this organizational challenge as we improve our overall maturity in being nimble, responsive and building a value based culture

     Co- Presenter: Archana Jain - Vice President of Information Technology for Verizon Enterprise Solutions

    Archana Jain is Vice President of Information Technology for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, serving Verizon’s large business customers. In her current role, Archana leads a technology team spanning four continents in support of the technology enablement of Billing, Service Management, Product Development, and Managed Services. 

    Archana is a seasoned Agile practitioner who is championing the adoption of Agile in Verizon. Archana has been leading the Agile journey for over 5 years in large businesses and understands the nuances of introducing and sustaining agile practices and behaviors 

    Archana played a key role in the business transformation of the Quote to Bill automation program and is actively involved in migrating customers to this platform. She and her team modernized the Enterprise billing platform and have performed multiple systems consolidations achieving efficiency and scale. Archana simplified and automated many aspects of the service management platform that supports multiple products such as network, security and applications. She also enabled self-service by making dashboard, inventory and change management capabilities available to both managed and unmanaged customers. With an eye towards the future, Archana is enabling innovation SDN/NFV and virtualization to revolutionize managed services.

    Prior to this appointment, Archana held the position of Executive Director for Contact Center Management. She and her team managed CRM tools, resource management and chat technologies, as well as call quality and monitoring tools. Archana enabled mobility solutions, speech analytics and modernized the CRM platform to enable savings as well as increase adoption. Archana is a hands-on Agile practitioner and an advocate who has a track record, particularly with large teams, of implementing process innovations while eliminating waste.  

    Archana holds a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi, India) and earned her Masters in Information Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.