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Many companies working hard to be more agile have a strong focus on process but failing to focus on product. This session's focus is on product over process or project. Differing from sessions about scaling process, we will talk transitioning to product learning by building product teams and product communities. As a vehicle, we will discuss scaling product agility in context of three models: one team, one product, many teams and one product, and many teams and a large system (where product varies based on configuration.) For each model, we will talk about embracing uncertainty, focusing on measurable impact and accelerating product learning with agile practices and DevOps techniques. The session is for people looking to transition to a product focus and will be helpful individuals, team leads, product managers and anyone looking to evolve from more process to more product and eventually to more impact and more product learning possibly without adding process and by possibly building less of the wrong thing.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

I won't be able to present in person, however I'll have a recorded video, which will be played at the conference.

Learning Outcome

  • Having strong process skills is a good starting point.
  • Shift from process to product (product transformations)
  • How to keep process down as program size grows
  • Show how DevOps tools can accelerate product learning
  • Introduce product discovery tools at scale
  • Show ways to blend product discovery and product delivery within and across teams

Target Audience

Product Companies

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