We are very excited to announce the 14th edition Agile India 2018, Asia's Largest and Premier International conference on Leading Edge Software Development Methods. Agile India is organized by Agile Software Community of India, a non-profit registered society founded in 2004 with a vision to evangelize new, better ways of building products that delight the users.

Over the last 13 years, we've organized 56 conferences across 13 cities in India. We've hosted 950+ speakers from 38 countries, who have delivered 1,100+ sessions to 8,500+ attendees. We continue to be a non-profit, volunteer-run community conference.


  • Alan Cooper - The Father of Visual Basic, Creator of Goal-directed Design methodology and inventor of the Persona concept
  • Steve Denning - Author of several books on Management, Leadership, Innovation and Organizational Storytelling
  • Linda Rising - Author of four books, most recently the Fearless Change
  • Gregor Hohpe - Author of Enterprise Integration Patterns. Technical Director at Google Cloud Computing
  • James Stewart - Co-founder of the Government Digital Service and x-Deputy CTO of the UK Government
  • Bjarte Bogsnes - Author of Implementing Beyond Budgeting, Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable and Senior Advisor Performance Framework at Statoil
  • Dr. Denis Bauer - Team Leader and Research Scientist in Cloud Computing in Transformational Bioinformatics at CSIRO
  • Jeff Patton - Author of User Story Mapping and the person responsible for bringing user-centered design thinking to Agile world
  • And 75 more thought leaders from 16 countries - https://2018.agileindia.org/speakers/


  • Pre-Conference Workshop Days – March 4-5th
  • Conference Days
    • Business Agility Day - March 6th - Hosted by Agile Alliance
    • Design Innovation Day - March 7th - Hosted by Cooper
    • Digital Transformation Day - March 8th
    • Continuous Delivery and DevOps Day - March 9th - Hosted by Red Hat
  • Post-Conference Workshop Days – March 10-11th

Here is a visual glimpse of our journey so far: