A fighter pilot perspective on business agility

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If you think fighter pilots execute in a top down command and control hierarchy - think again. F-16 fighter pilots understand very well why that would not work and how to actually thrive as collaborating teams in complex and uncertain situations. While the environment might look very different from our business world on the surface, you might be in for big surprise on how usefull the fighter pilot way of thinking about and solving the challenges, we are also struggling with in the agile world actually are. The solutions are sometimes similar and sometimes taken one step further then what most business yet dare to do. This talk will both give you practical advise and inspire you to take the next step towards business agility.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Dealing with complexity and uncertainty effectively as a team
  • Its not a question about autonomy vs hierarchy
  • The rules of decentralised initiative
  • We got it all wrong about leaders !
  • Mutual trust, (Why it's essential and how to foster it)
  • Wrap up (fighter pilots tricks for winning in conflict, business, and life)

Learning Outcome

Practical advice and inspiration to rethink how to make an impact and collaborate on complex evolving problems.

Target Audience

Coaches, Managers, Teamleads, Scrum masters, Agile Team members

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some knowledge about Agile basics is preferred, but not a prerequisite.

I will tell exciting stories from my time as fighter pilots that everyone can relate to. Then relate them to product development and our organizational bugs. Everyone who has not spend their entire career in the "perfect" agile organization will be able to relate to those struggles.

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