Adding value to Scrum projects as a Project Manager isn't easy. The common Scrum tenor is that the role "Project Manager" shouldn't exist, not in title and even less so in spirit. However, reality is that PMs or roles with traditional project management responsibilities are still more prevalent than agile servant-leader Scrum Masters or Kanban Flow Managers.
So, if you find yourself in a position of being an [Agile] Project Manager or in a similar role, join my session to learn how you can add value and foster an agile system at the same time with Kanban. You will leave the session with hands-on techniques that you can implement the very next day to improve the way you and your team works!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

* How to add value to an agile project as a Project Manager
* Techniques that can be applied the very next day
* How to combine Scrum and Kanban
* What a pull system is
* How to use probabilistic forecasting to meet demand
* How to use the Theory of Constraints to identify bottlenecks
* How to use mistakes to fuel better retrospectives

Learning Outcome

* How to add value to an agile project as a Project Manager
* 3 hands-on techniques that can be implemented the very next day

Target Audience

Project Managers, New Scrum Masters, Programme managers, Development managers, Product managers, Startup founders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Some basic knowledge about agile would help but isn't necessary



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