Agility is about culture and mindset. How much of that is impacted by the set up and the structure of the organisations?

I'll explore and share experience on the few practical differences and the differences in outcome in:

- coaching stable teams over project teams

- scaling with chapter coaching over team coaching

- coaching leadership teams / leaders over team coaching

- instructional coaching over back of the room coaching (in the initial stages)

And I'll share some of the instruments I've used that can be useful. I'd like to keep it interactive with questions.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report


Exploration into topics:

- coaching @ Scale - what is the key focus

- leaders over teams

- resilience over co location

- stable teams over project teams

- cadence over mastery

Questions and Answers

Learning Outcome

Better appreciation of the systemic challenges in agile transformation.

Target Audience

Anyone. It will be useful if you are already familiar with some concepts in agile.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Reflect on existing agile transformation challenges and prepare questions.

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  • Puneet Khanduri

    Puneet Khanduri - Democratizing Machine Learning at Twitter

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Twitter has rapidly evolved in how we do Machine Learning over the last few years. We rapidly evolved from making incremental improvements to our existing Logistic Regression models to a wave of new Deep Learning architectures. At the same time, we were faced with the challenge of uneven distribution of ML expertise across the company. This is the story of the Cortex team that enabled this machine learning transformation across the entire company by making a set of careful strategic investments.

  • 45 Mins
    Case Study

    Agile practices has become the default choice for software delivery. However, developing different types of software requires different approach and techniques. For example - a website development is different from developing a data lake, a mobile application development is different from an IOT or Robotics Automation project. In this session, we would focus on how knowing the domain of development can ease out your team delivery challenges and how we can embed the domain of development into agile practices. We will take example of a data lake project to demonstrate how a data lake development project can be delivered in a agile fashion.