Going from Individual to the collective perspective, our shared values, culture, experiences, circumstances, geography, structure, and setup.

In much of our everyday life, tools and technology are displacing human interactions. This trend is everywhere and it is affecting how we work together, or don’t work.

How did we get here and more importantly where do we go from here? In today’s changing world, where technology is outpacing humans we are always upgrading our gadgets, PCs, and phones to the latest operating system. Is it time for the next version of the Human Operating Systems? The head, heart, and gut.

Change is not easy…but needed. Every upgrade brings to light defects eventually fixed with a patch. The fear of having to adjust and a defect eventually overcome should not be the reasons we use not to upgrade.

An easy way to upgrade is Awesomeness Cocktail.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

3 Minutes on the Human Equation and our space

5 minutes on Upgrading the Human Systems

5 minutes Awesomeness cocktail recipe

2 minutes results and side effects

3 The Manifesto for Human Development

2 Minutes of closing, feedback or just in case (WIP)

Will adjust for more time as a more engaged session

Learning Outcome

  • Clarity on I and We perspectives
  • We have the 3 knowledge centers, the head, heart, and gut
  • We need to upgrade our operating systems
  • We all could use a POKE in our lives
  • The Manifesto for Human Development

Target Audience


Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mind, a full heart and the intuition from the gut.

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