BE More and Not DO MORE (Digital Transformation and Agile Antipatterns)

Digital transformation is the key for most enterprises and what better than Agile as a methodology for execution of any Digital Transformation program.

However, it is seen predominantly that an overdose of doing more and more of Agile rather than incorporating the Crux of Agile and BEING AGILE is the pattern. More often than not this leads to “Agile did not work for us” phenomena.

Through this talk I will take the participants through some common Agile Antipatterns and how to watch out for these especially in the Digital Transformation journey.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

7 mins: Agility and Digital transformation

8 mins: 7 key Agile Anti patterns that hamper the Digital transformation journey and how

5 mins : Recommendations to avoid the Anti patterns and BE MORE Agile.

Learning Outcome

The key learning for the participants is that they will be able to acknowledge some of the common Agile Anti patterns and how they impact the journey of Digital Transformation.

Target Audience

Business Owners, IT developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile coaches, Agile Practioners

Prerequisites for Attendees

A basic knowledge about Agile methodology and Digital transformation is expected as a Pre-requisite for this session.

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  • Pooja Wandile

    Pooja Wandile - Creating Infinite Possibilities Through An Inclusive Business-Customer Model By Design

    Pooja Wandile
    Pooja Wandile
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    45 Mins
    Case Study

    Everyone is creative. Creativity exists in each one of us. It is there to experience in our day to day life, right from how we want to buy vegetables, commute to office to how we can solve that complex customer issue. The quest for finding solutions to our everyday problems stimulates the innovator in us. And there are innumerable examples of this.

    Who, What, Why, How are such powerful words that if thought sensitively, we are able to create products/services/processes that can exceed consumer expectations. Delivering an ecstatic experience is a matter of answering these questions, being more creative and sensitive to user behavior. Nobody wants to create a bad experience. If we are failing to deliver a wow experience, then the problem lies with the process or approach taken to understand customer behavior, his/her surrounding, socio/economic fabric, etc. An approach that involves empathy with the user, acknowledgment of the problem and working collaboratively and iteratively backed by technology through the entire process works wonders in designing and developing fit for purpose products/services/processes. New opportunity area or solution to existing problems are the main drivers for innovations. Digital disruption or software driven business mindset is one of the best examples of this.

    This case study is about such experience. The case study will cover approach adopted for creating product and the stages involved in designing the product, implementing value generating cycle, encouraging diverse thinking and convergent decision making.