Building a Continuous Deployment Pipeline from Scratch

Confused about Continuous Integration vs Delivery vs Deployment? Not sure how to take the next step towards Continuous Deployment?

In this session, Nayan will remove the confusion around the "Continuous" terms. He'll then show you how to go from Commit to Production with no manual steps, while remaining confident that your production system remains stable. We will do this with a variety of open source tools -- from traditional build & integration tools to modern deployment environments & monitoring. You'll leave the session inspired and ready to build your own Continuous Deployment Pipeline when you get back to work.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

I - Overview of "Continuous" terms - 5 minutes

II - Demo of building CD Pipeline - 40 minutes

Throughout part II, I will be engaging the audience with discussion questions and soliciting input on next steps.

Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge of Continuous Deployment tooling
  • Reduction in fear around "where do I start?"
  • Confidence to build a CD pipeline

Target Audience

Anyone who wants a practical example of how to build a continuous deployment pipeline

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