Ever wondered why some people prefer working alone? Why they shy away from pair programming or sits mostly quiet on the meetings?
It might be that that person, like me, is an introvert.

During this session I will talk about what drives us and what to do about us.
Drawing from almost 15 years of personal experience being an introvert on agile teams I will talk about the differences of being an extrovert
or an introvert, how to foster an inclusive team environment, and the importance of psychological safety.
You will hopefully leave this session better fit to help EVERYONE on your team become awesome!


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction (3 mins)
I will start by defining introvert, extrovert and atrovert and talk about the differences between them. (12 mins)
Everyone can be excellent team players, but working in groups takes more energy for some than others.
I will continue by talking about psychological safety, one of the key parts of Modern Agile. (10 mins)
The next part of the talk i will devote to giving some tips on how to improve the teams psychological safety and also give some tips
on agile practices that work well to create an inclusive environment to bring out the best in everyone. (20 mins)

I will close with a short summary.

Learning Outcome

  • Differences between introverts, extroverts and atroverts
  • Everyone can be an excellent team player
  • The importance of psychological safety
  • Tips on how to improve the psychological safety in your teams
  • Tips on how to create an inclusive team environment

Target Audience

Coaches, Leaders and anyone working on a team

Prerequisites for Attendees


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