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Feature branching is again gaining in popularity due to the rise of Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) like Git and Mercurial. With DVCSs, branch creation became very easy. But it comes with a certain cost. Long living branches break the flow of the software delivery process impacting throughput and stability.

This session explores some of the reasons why teams are using feature branches, what problems are introduced by using feature branches and what techniques exist to avoid them all together. In conclusion it explores what is exactly evil about feature branching. Which is not necessarily the problems they introduce. But rather the real reasons teams are using them for.

The key takeaway is an appreciation of a different branching strategy and how it relates to Continuous Integration.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

As a 45 min session, it would likely run like this:

0:00 Introduction: A tale of 2 teams: one using trunk-based development, the other using GitFlow. And how I came to speak about this topic.

0:05 Clarifying some definitions: Continuous Integration, Feature Branch, Mainline and What is the goal of Software Engineering?

0:08 Why are teams using Feature Branches ? Some reasons I got when discussing the topic with proponents of feature branching.

0:12 What are the problems introduced by Feature Branching ? An overview of the problems I encountered when using feature branches in teams.

0:22 How can we avoid the use of Feature Branching ? An introduction to Trunk Based Development. How to achieve Trunk Based Development through the use of incremental development, decoupled code bases, hiding functionality, branch by abstraction and feature toggles.

0:32 Some practical questions I regularly get asked by teams when I suggest Trunk Based Development. What should be the size of a User Story ? How to perform Code Reviews ?

0:36 What are the benefits of Trunk Based Development ?

0:38 Conclusion: What is evil about Feature Branching ? Explaining that Feature Branching is more like a symptom treatment, and the evilness lies behind it meaning: what are the real reasons teams are using them for ?

0:40 Questions

Learning Outcome

After the session, attendees will be able to:

  • explain why feature branching is problematic.
  • describe alternatives to feature branching.
  • assess when feature branching is acceptable.
  • run an experiment with trunk based development.

Target Audience

Anyone using version control systems in a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery context.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should have a practical experience with version control systems and continuous integration.



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