I like to re-phrase Einstein’s great quote to say : “If you cannot tell it to children, so they understand you, you didn’t get it yet yourself. Neuro-science studies found out that 70% of what we learn, comes from stories we heard. Human brain reacts to stories far better that to linear presentation of facts. People like to hear and tell stories where they recognize themselves in, not only as heroes of fiction wonder novels, but also in day-to-day business life.

Storytelling (or Business Narrative) is a powerful way to help organizations and teams embrace change, and change agents are good storytellers. This workshop proposes a set-up to learn some narrative techniques that will empower participants willing to become ( Agile) change Agents or simply allow them to effectively send the messages they want. The workshop help participants to master the description of a chosen topic linked to SCRUM and Agile, via a story built in the session, using story construction telling techniques. It aims to help participants learn storytelling as an improvement technique to build messages that matter. At the end of the workshop , who will have the best story ?


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The workshop is structured around work groups that will build a story in 3 iterations : 1st iteration : choice of the topic ( can be SCRUM delivery, TDD, SCRUM dashboard, Scrumban, Product Owner , etc) and free style presentation 2st iteration : build a story that explains the concept /topic using storytelling techniques : define characters, their goal, status quo, narrative arc 3rd iteration : refine the story , use good storytelling tips ( use specific techniques that brakes the status quo, focus on clear experience journey )

Learning Outcome

The workshop focuses on 2 axes:

1.Give participant a powerful practice to become a change Agent and seed engagement in their audience.

2.Prove the effectiveness and persistence of the story format to teach something. (If you don’t feel it, you won’t remember it.)

The outcome ? Build a good story about SCRUM ,just like “The Goal” book on the Theory of constraints by E. Golrath or “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim on “Continuous Delivery”

Target Audience

Product Owners, Agile Coaches, Developers, Testers, UX experts,Manager sand all curious

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisite required

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