Globalization Effectiveness Index

In today’s fast changing world, building a successful product is key for an organization. With ever changing requirements, building the most valuable and viable product for customers in a shorter time window is essential. Communication and collaboration of the teams working on the product are of utmost importance to build the right product/features. Drawing inspiration from agile manifesto – individuals and interactions, teams need to focus on continuous flow of information and minimize the time delays in information exchange. However, distributed nature of the workforce impacts the way teams bind together to deliver the right product.

Effectiveness of geographically distributed teams will be impacted by reliability of information exchange across functional roles of the scrum team AND by communication delays due to distribution. In this session, we will understand an approach to measure the globalization effectiveness index of geographically distributed scrum teams and suggest ideas that help to bring the real world distributed scrum teams closer together.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

· Effectiveness of co-located Scrum teams
· Distributed team communication reliability factor
· Communication delay impact factor
· Globalization Effectiveness Index of distributed teams
· Recommendations to improve collaboration

Learning Outcome

- Relative effectiveness of distributed scrum teams

- Recommendations

- Help determine better configurations to distribute scrum teams

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Execs, Scrum Practitioners working with geographically distributed teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Agile awareness, Working with distributed scrum teams

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