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In this workshop, we'll look at how to build cloud-native Java applications. A cloud-native application is one that is designed to fully exploit a cloud platform both in the application layer – where things decompose into microservices – and at the data layer where NoSQL offers better horizontal scaling and fitness for specific purpose.


  • writing services and handling non-functional requirements like metrics and logging with Spring Boot
  • scaling out safely and building fault-tolerant systems using Spring Cloud and its support for distributed systems patterns like the circuit breaker, service registration and discovery, and centralized configuration management.
  • offloading as much operational work as possible to the platform, Cloud Foundry

Target Audience

Software developers, architects and anyone interested in learning how to build cloud native Java applications.

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  • Josh Long
    Josh Long
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    45 Mins

    "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." - W. Edwards Deming

    Work takes time to flow through an organization and ultimately be deployed to production where it captures value. It’s critical to reduce time-to-production. Software - for many organizations and industries - is a competitive advantage.

    Organizations break their larger software ambitions into smaller, independently deployable, feature -centric batches of work - microservices. In order to reduce the round-trip between stations of work, organizations collapse or consolidate as much of them as possible and automate the rest; developers and operations beget "devops," cloud-based services and platforms (like Cloud Foundry) automate operations work and break down the need for ITIL tickets and change management boards.

    But velocity, for velocity's sake, is dangerous. Microservices invite architectural complexity that few are prepared to address. In this talk, we'll look at how high-performance organizations like Ticketmaster, Alibaba, and Netflix make short work of that complexity with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.