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Seeing the increasing complexity and dynamics in our business and organizational environment, a large, 2000 people product development organization within Ericsson started the journey towards Agile in 2008. We early understood, that this journey can only be successful, if it is not only done by our SW development, but also involves changes in the way we run strategy, financial planning and HR.

In this talk, Hendrik Esser, who has been one of the key drivers of this change, will share experiences from that journey.

He will share how we got the essential parts of business planning, finance, HR and SW development aligned towards business agility: what we found, what we tried, what succeeded, our set-backs and lessons learned.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • The reason for the change.
  • The core problems we wanted to solve.
  • The way we approached resolving the issues involving all perspectives: finance, HR, product management and product development.
  • Storytelling: it did not come overnight - our journey over 5 years.

Learning Outcome

  • Why agile approaches are superior to other business approaches
  • How different functions (Finance, HR, Stratagy and product management, product development) in a company are affected by an agile transition.
  • How to successfully deal with the continuously evolving organization and business situation.

Target Audience

Leaders, Change Agents, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • Overview knowledge of running SW business.
  • Leadership experience.



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  • Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper - Making Value Visible

    Andy Cooper
    Andy Cooper
    Group Manager, Global
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    45 Mins
    Case Study

    When faced with seemingly endless choices and a world moving at an increasing speed, how do you evaluate strategic options with speed and precision?

    As a leader with over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and corporate roles within tech companies, Andy Cooper has pondered this problem for many years. Andy will explain how using concepts borrowed from Lean, Lean Startup, Agile Software Development, Beyond Budgeting and other adaptive approaches, you can create a highly effective process to make and evaluate decisions using a Value Engineering approach with the benefit that it can be used in multiple situations including evaluating product direction, strategic initiatives, or personal situations evolving value-based thinking.

    In the session, Andy will walk through an example and show how this can be applied to solve many other tough value-based problems. Andy will also share how he has used this approach to solve sales and marketing challenges in the companies he has worked for.