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All big organizations, even so-called "flat" or "networked" ones, are usually quite hierarchical in decision making. Any talk of Holacracy, Teal etc. is unrealistic in these places. In this presentation, Sriram argues that the underlying problem is not hierarchy itself but the opaqueness of decision making which is known to persist even in the absence of a formal hierarchy. He presents Cleararchy as a way to bring transparency, and thereby accountability and learnability, to decision making. This is necessary for decentralized decision making and true empowerment at lower levels of a big organization.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Overview Talk

Learning Outcome

You will understand what Cleararchy is and how to use it to improve decision making in your org.

Target Audience

Organisations interested in decentralized decision making and true empowerment


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  • 45 Mins

    Digital success demands market-responsive teams that can truly solve problems and not just build some software. Software projects are a popular way of funding and organizing software development. They organize work into temporary, build-only teams and are funded with specific benefits projected in a business case. These methods are unsuited for these new demands. In this talk, Sriram presents an alternative to projects called Product-Mode. Product-mode uses durable, ideate-build-run teams working on a persistent business issue. Product-mode allows teams to reorient quickly, reduces their end-to-end cycle time, and allows validation of actual benefits by using short-cycle iterations while maintaining the architectural integrity of their software to preserve their long-term effectiveness. This approach is very popular among digital natives and is gaining ground with old-guard businesses.