Research Methods: Receive Inspiration and ​D​esign D​elightful S​olutions for your Customers

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Have you ever wondered why customers who say they will use your solutions, don't? There is a big gap between customer intention and real behavior. As human beings, we often speak in the form of our intention rather than describing our behavior, which makes it hard to build deep empathy with the customer. Deepa Bachu will share techniques on how to really understand your customers even better than they know themselves. She will teach you to go deeper than interviewing and observing your customers, giving you methods by which to discover what drives them and to grasp their needs and challenges.

Most, if not all disruptive innovations have started with a deep insight, one that inspires innovation. There is an art to deeply understanding customers and connecting the dots in ways that provide these customer insights. It is in the observations, in understanding their coping mechanisms and their ecosystem that you can truly design solutions that are delightful, and design for disruption and change.


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Learn research methods that allow you to be inspired by your customers.



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