Insights that Inspire Innovation - Harness the power of Design Thinking and Rapid Experimentation

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Ready to drive innovation at your company? Want to discover unexpected opportunities that will drive business growth and understand your customers at a deeper level? Then dive in and get your hands dirty

Design Thinking as a tool, process and mindset has become popular in the world of business today. Inventors like Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs were quintessential innovators who used a problem-solving process called “design thinking” to revolutionize entire industries and establish an enviable competitive advantage for their companies. Organizations, big or small, required re-inventing themselves almost constantly to establish an enviable competitive advantage for their companies. Design Thinking is helping entrepreneurs in our time directly approach complex problems and innovate disruptive solutions that change lives!

The workshop has a human-centered approach to deal with Rapid Experimentation. Many people believe that once they find the “right” idea, their job is done. Not really. First of all, the ideas are based on assumptions. Hence, the best way to overcome uncertainty is to spread your bets with small and quick experiments. This is also a way to test customers on what they say versus what they do. The surprises come in early, and one can make more informed decisions. It also lets them know whether the idea is viable.

The workshop is a dynamic mix of short instructional lectures, with an emphasis on hands-on learning. You'll put those new tools into practice right away with a real-world ideation and experimentation challenge.

  • You will hit the ground running, to test your ideas.
  • You will refine your ideas based on the experiment results.

Implementing the design thinking principles and practices you've learned is our top priority. We also help you create an action plan for real work projects.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction to design thinking - what it is, why it is useful and how it can be used
  • Brief overview of INSIGHTs: How to understand customers better, better than they know themselves.
  • DREAM: While everyone inherently ideates, we’ll help you build on your ideas to create solutions that are disruptive and not incremental. Tools and techniques that help you create non-obvious solution that delight the customer
  • DISRUPT: Use Lean startup methodology to rapidly experiment your solutions and learn from those experiments

We will use a real-world project to give participants a full cycle through the design thinking process. Since the focus of the workshop is on Rapid Experimentation, we will provide insights on a problem statement to the participants for them to be able to progress through the Ideation and Experimentation phases. The project itself gives facilitators the opportunity to touch on principles of design thinking without attempting to communicate all of the methods and activities that the term “design thinking” encompasses.

Learning Outcome

  1. Innovate new disruptive solutions, services, business models and processes
  2. Re-imagine existing solutions, services, business models, communication and processes
  3. Culture of Innovation within organizations

Target Audience

Anyone with a desire to learn new techniques of innovation. If you are playing roles that impact a customer's experience with your solution, you should attend.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Though designing, as a craft requires years of dedicated education and talent, this workshop does not require a prior experience in Design and is open to anyone with a desire to learn new techniques of innovation. If you are playing roles that impact a customer's experience with your solution, you should attend.

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