Agile beyond IT and beyond just doing it, but rather being it requires experimenting continuously in order to learn continuously. Thus more important than failing fast is learning fast.

In this workshop we will learn what learning fast means for every individual and the organization as a whole and we will define experiments for you to use in your company for becoming agile truely. This will allow you to create an enviornment for continuous innovations.

In this workshop we will also make use of examples that make:

  • the organizational structure (hierarchy?) more agile
  • the organizational processes faster so that they enable innovation
  • the organizational strategy better aligned with current needs so that your organization is able to drive the market instead of being driven by the market

Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Welcome and working agreements (20min)
  2. Set the stage - individual and common goals (30min)
  3. Defining the context (30min)
  4. Finding out what (in the participants context) has supported or hindered being agile (and not only doing it) and what was difficult along the way (60min)
  5. Sharing and understanding participants' challenges and decide in groups on the top ones (30min)
  6. Explanation of new possibilities by presenting key findings (e.g. from complexity theory, but also proven experiments) (60min)
  7. Understand in detail what these findings mean and how they can address the top challenges. (90min)
  8. Share the new understanding (30min)
  9. Applicability in own environment (70min)
  10. Discussion of possible next steps (30min)
  11. Debrief and Wrap-Up (30min)

Learning Outcome

  • Learn how to conduct experiments, how to learn from them, and how to scale them
  • Understand the prerequisites for creating your own experiments
  • Learn how to design experiments dependent on the outcome you aim for in respect to the environment you are in
  • Understand that everyone in an organization can foster learning (faster)
  • Develop strategies for the application in your own context

Target Audience

Program Managers, Executives, Portfolio Managers, Project Leads, Coaches, Consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees

Familiar with agile concepts. Project and management experience at best with leading and going through change.


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