Digitizing Civil Services: Using Data Analytics and AI to Personalize Learning

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In 2017, 1 Million candidates applied for UPSC prelims exam to fill 980 vacancies. That is a 0.1% chance of getting selected. Candidates spend over a year preparing for these exams. Unlike many other exams, these exams require a lot of real-time knowledge of News and Current Affairs. Also, they need to prepare not only for objective questions but also for essay type subjective questions.

So while preparing for these exams, candidates can't just go through static content from previous years. To evaluate their answers and to give them instant feedback, we can't rely on curated content.

To address these challenges, we built India's first education platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. We provide

  • instant feedback on the descriptive answers
  • provide in-depth analysis of candidates strengths and weaknesses
  • create a summary of current affairs with timeline, opinions and linked syllabus concepts

We believe this is the future of online education. Come to this talk to understand how digitization can disrupt current educational platforms.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  1. Intro
    • Introduction - me and my company
    • Brief overview of the online civil services course
  2. Using data analytics and artificial intelligence in the product
    • Content Creation
      • Using crawlers to summarize news, automatically creating objective questions using machine learning
      • Tagging of massive amount of video content
    • Evaluation of subjective answers and essays using natural language processing and machine learning
    • Personalizing learning feed based on performance in tests

Learning Outcome

  • How to use data analytics, artificial intelligence, and NLP to personalize learning.
  • How tech is disrupting educational platforms

Target Audience

People interested in Digital Transformation using AI/ML, Data Analytics and NLP


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