Accelerating Business Agility: A Practical Playbook for Thriving in Uncertainty

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Developing the capacity to thrive in uncertainty calls for a radical change in our way of thinking (mindset), working, and behaving. We will walk through some differentiating and thought provoking 1st Principles and practical insights to breakout of old mental models and patterns; and share a proven and practical framework. We will also share case studies from Silicon Valley and Large Enterprise Business Agility transformations and will walk away with a practical playbook and tools we can apply to accelerate our own Business Agility Transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

45 Minute Presentation from experienced Business Agilists Pat Reed and Debra Boseck

  • Understanding Business Agility, Differentiating Beliefs and 1st Principles (10 minutes)
  • Pre-conditions and practical Framework to Accelerate Business (5 minutes)
  • Lessons learned from real world case studies from Silicon Valley and Beyond (15 minutes)
  • Rapid Review of tools and takeaways (10 minutes)
  • Q & A (5 minutes)

Learning Outcome

  1. Apply BAA principles, framework and practical canvases and tools
  2. Synthesize learnings from case studies and traps to avoid
  3. Understand differentiating skills and capabilities; and critical pre-conditions for creating agile environments
  4. Apply proven techniques to reduce uncertainty and practical tools to optimize flow of value

Target Audience

Leaders, Managers, Change Agents, Influencers and Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

An inquisitive open mind and desire to challenge the status quo


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  • Tom Friend

    Tom Friend - Scrum To The Stars, a reflection of Iterative and Incremental Innovation in Aerospace

    45 Mins
    Case Study

    From the beginning of manned flight, to the first step on the moon, the patterns of agility have guided both the exploration of aviation and space. As complexity continues to increase and resources become scarcer, the use of Agile and similar methodologies within the aerospace industry has become indispensable.

    The history of aerospace extends over two thousand years, back to the earliest forms of aviation. From the story of Icarus to Chinese kites, mankind has been fascinated by flight. However, it has only been in the last few centuries that we have seen man take to the skies, beginning with balloons, then advancing to powered flight in 1903, followed closely by supersonic flight, spaceflight, and flight to other worlds.

    Please join us as we reflect on both the successes and failures throughout the course of man’s quest for the heavens. We will discover some common patterns that lead to failure in various events in aviation, as well as examine missions and flights that met with success, and apply these lessons to our Agile toolbox as we look to replicate success in future endeavors.