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Join me on #Microsoft's ongoing journey to #DevOps. This journey has #inspiration, #suspense, #humour, #heartache, and a happy ending. #GetInspired to implement #DevOps in your organisation.

At VSTS in Microsoft, we've been on a DevOps journey and have moved 82,000+ Microsofties to DevOps. We’re not perfect, we didn’t do this in six months and we’re not done. We had major milestones along the way and the pattern that we followed is very similar to the pattern I see customers following. They start with, “Gosh, I want to reduce my cycle times. I want to do this DevOps thing. I want to move to that cloud cadence. My business isn’t keeping up.” Yes, that’s why we changed too.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

This session will cover our journey and sub-topics covered will be

  • Change the Cadence
  • Team Autonomy and Org Alignment
  • Ship Continuously
  • Branching strategies
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Instrument Everything
  • Now Test Continuously and reliably
  • Running the Business on Metrics

Learning Outcome

Learn Microsoft's #DevOps Journey

Target Audience

People Interested in DevOps


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