This article is focused at Senior Executives at large Enterprises who are struggling to obtain the benefits that Agile promises. A large part of the reason is because people often confuse Agile as a methodology and not so much as a cultural transformation. All Agile experts agree that cultural change is necessary in organisations for Agile to take root. And often the best group to bring out cultural changes in organisations is the top management. People look up to their Executives and learn from their behaviours. This talk focuses on 6 behaviours that Senior Executives can personally adopt as part of their regular office routine in order to drive change within their organisations. These are based on the speaker's experience working with a number of large Enterprise organisations struggling to make the Agile switch. These changes are quite straightforward and do not require changes to organisational policies or call for additional budgets.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Discuss why large Organisations often do not get the benefits of Agile

Impress on the cultural elements that are key to a transformation

Discuss 6 specific behaviors executives can incorproate in their daily office day that can lead the Agile Cultural change

Learning Outcome

Actionable ideas on leading the culture change

Convey culture change by action rather than messages

Bond better with the rank and file of the organisation

Target Audience

Executives at Fortune 500 Organisations

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understand basics of Agile and Scrum


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