Coding and architecting for the agility: a practical guide

We all know what good code looks like. It’s simple, small, readable and extensible with explicit intent. Above all it is built with SOLID Principles. The question is: is good code enough? If we want systems that are truly agile and that can be changed easily, what other characteristics do the code and architecture of those systems need to have to allow us to re-shape them continuously? In this talk we will look at various design and architectural patterns which allow us to turn good code into truly agile code. All the example will be in .NET Core


Outline/Structure of the Talk

- what is good code

- examples

- limitations

- examples

- agile design patterns

- command processor

- examples

- process managers

- examples

- actors

- examples

- agile architectures

- ports and adapters

- examples

- distributed systems agile intrgrwtion patterns

- examples

- easy go serveless/out of process

- examples

- wrap up

Learning Outcome

-how to move from good code to agile code and systems

- practical agile design patterns

- practical agile architecture patterns

Target Audience

developers, architects, PO

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