Container technologies have picked up tremendously in the last couple years. Many new technologies in this space have evolved or matured during this period. To put few names there

  • Containers :- docker, rkt...
  • Orchestration :- kubernetes, swarm, dc/os...
  • Package Management: Helm, Ksonnet...
  • Developer tooling: draft, gitkube, skafold...
  • And plenty more coming up

Then there are cloud providers who are trying to provide the best support for building and deploying containerized workflows, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon and some startups that are trying to carve out a niche in containers world.

An important aspect of containerized apps is CI/CD or CI/CT/CD. Wondering what's CT? Continuous Testing in the pipeline. This session will provide some patterns on continuous testing of containerized apps.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

Continuous Testing with Containers

- Is continuous testing any different for containerized apps?

- Unit testing

- Exploratory testing with Review Apps

- Integration and Functional Testing

- Composition with Existing Services

- Auto DevOps

Learning Outcome

Whether you have just started the journey on Containers or have an established CI/CD workflows the session will help you understand different patterns that you can adopt around continuous testing based on your requirements

Target Audience

Executives, Senior Architects, Product Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic awareness about Containers and Kubernetes.

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