Work Value and Waste - For individuals in a team context

Whatever work we do, somebody is impacted or benefits from it. It helps to see who and how. There are ways by which we can do so effectively and without any extra overhead.

Our current frame of reference made up of our assumptions identifications and beliefs filters and modifies the information received through our senses before it reaches our brain. Normally we are unable to see our frame of reference through the same frame of reference. The session shows a way to shine a light on our current frame of reference so that it starts becoming richer as we practice it.

I have seen it work again and again in my interactions with product / project teams at Impetus group of companies, where my main job is to help the team members see the current challenges in a different way and come up with possibilities that they never even realize exist.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

The presentation looks at work value and waste at the universal level, meaning that it is applicable to all parts of our life including the professional work. The approach is neutral like pure water, which can be mixed with anything without corrupting or polluting it. The structure of the session is as follows.

  • It starts with understanding the purpose of work from user / business / team perspectives.
  • Then it looks at work & value in terms of specific pointers we can use while practising it. This leads to a better understanding of what really is waste from two sides of the same coin.
  • Value always flows through four essential stages of Identification Creation Delivery Consumption and back to identification.
  • We need to balance the delivery modes of service & product in a right combination to get the best results. This is explained through a number of examples.
  • This helps us to see delivering value in a very different light, and how we pollute it through our own ignorance inertia carelessness & greed. It makes it easy to see the waste all around us, and how to eliminate it for reaching our full potential in terms of quality agility and productivity.
  • Unless we have simple ways to immediately start putting this in action, it will just remain abstract theory. There are two specific actions that guide practising it. The two actions are "Make value & waste integral part of our thinking" and "Use value & waste to guide all our work prioritization". These are elaborated and explained in detail with examples.
  • To wrap up it identifies the generic traits one needs to have to get the most out of it, and explains how it enriches our current frame of reference.

Lots of real life examples are used to help the participants connect it to their world.

For details see the presentation below.

Learning Outcome

  • Whenever I share it with our teams, invariably I have seen them get into a deep contemplative mood. By end of the session there are clear signs that the transformation has started happening.
  • The session will start you on a journey to become value-driven and waste- conscious. Regularly practising the few simple actions everyday will provide rich benefits like,
    • Whatever work you are doing, it will become more meaningful & rewarding
    • When valueless work is eliminated, space created can be used to focus on not just urgent but the important and valuable contributions
    • What appeared as problems earlier will not look like opportunities

Target Audience

People practising Agile and looking for ways to see things in a different light

Prerequisites for Attendees

Just a curious and open mind is all that is



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