Case Study: Delivering multi month multi team-member project in Agile way

I recently got an opportunity to deliver a software product in a big organization. The product was to be developed from scratch and would take more than 1 year to deliver MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with 7 Engineers.

This talk defines how did we define the scope of delivery, dividing into demo-able milestones, changing the course as we went along. A sprint in agile development is a critical piece. How we adhere to agile methodologies and tweaks some of them as per our need. How did we balance to focus on delivery without compromising on long term vision for the product.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Define: A Successful product

1.1 Prediction

1.2 Data

1.3 Feedback

2. Setups before execution

1.1 Architecture

1.2 Prototypes

1.3 Early Feedback

3. Execution

3.1 Build a product called 'Team'

3.2 Define MileStones

3.3 Quality v/s Time

4. Obstacles & Turning directions

5. Unsuccessful products

Learning Outcome

- Working Backwards.

- Do's and Don'ts to deliver a successful product

- Think as a Product Owner, not as a 'Programmer'

Target Audience

Software Development Engineers, Software Development Managers, Program Managers, Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

- It would be an interactive session. We will take this as an example of success.

- Please come up with your past experience of successful and failure products. This will help defining "Do's and Don'ts" for a project.

- We will define some guidelines on how to run a big project.

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