"dicon" is a design framework evolved from Desgin Sprints. This adhocracy driven design framework comes from the "divergence-convergene" technique used by product designers and UX designers. The dicon framework is aligned to philosopy of agile & lean UX. In the real world scenarios, it enables members of agile team identify problems & ideate solutions. Scrum masters, product managers, team leads and everyone can use this framework for better retrospective meetings, brainstorming or even for team activities.

This is an experieantail workshop, where participants will use dicon to identify problems they faced on the day of the workshop and ideate solutions.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction to dicon
  • The divergence-convergece philosophy
  • dicon in action: problem identification to solution generation
  • Solution prioritization
  • Recap

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn a "fun" framework evolved from design thinking techniques that they could use for their day-to-day meetings, retrospective meetings and for brainstorming rapidly.

Target Audience

product managers, scrum masters, designers, team leaders, tech leaders, anyone & everyone


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