Techniques to increase throughput,reduce time to market and improve quality

Business Agility is achieved when the organization as a whole is fast, flexible and delivers value at sustainable pace.In almost all the executive workshops we have facilitated so far, the leadership has rated Time To Market, Quality and Productivity as their top most priority outcomes for the Agile transformation.The authors have done intensive research on the topic and will be sharing the succes stories from their experience. We will discuss the techniques and mathematical models which support the techniques so that the audience can understand by how much the throughput and Quality can be improved by using each of the techniques.The authors will also publish the reports from some of the projects where the practices have delivered astonishing outcomes.

Some of the practices we used to increase the throughput are: capacity utilization, push vs pull, multitasking, sizing work items and flow management.Some of the practices we used for improving quality are: Built-in quality through Backlog Quality,Left shift, 3 Amigos,Engineering practices and Lean practices.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1) Boosters of Business Agility - 5 mins
2) Techniques to improve quality - 15 mins
3) Techniques to increase throughput and reduce TTM - 15 mins
4) Conclusion - 5 mins
5) Q&A - 5 mins

Learning Outcome

Understand principles and practices to

i) Reduce Time to Market

ii) Increase Throughput

iii) Improve Quality

Target Audience

Product Owners,Scrum Masters,Managers,Agile Coaches,Developers,Testers, etc

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisites

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