Building High Performing Team

In today's competitive world every organization wants to be high performing to outperform the competition and deliver optimum value to its customer.The building block for high performing organizations is great people and great teams.In this session we will share techniques to build high performing people, teams and hence the organizations.The techniques are derived from research done on several models.The authors will share experience with hundreds of teams from global organizations.

The authors have done intensive research in the area and have trialed several aspects which will be covered in the session for building High Performing Teams.

The authors have built hundreds of teams that are goal oriented, which deliver outcomes and which are very high in morale.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Definition of High Performing Team (5 min)

Models for building High Performing Team (30 min)

Conclusion (5 min)


Learning Outcome

The audience will understand the techniques to build High Performing teams and will be able to make impact in thier organizations.

Target Audience

crum Masters,Managers,Agile Coaches,Developers,Testers, etc

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