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People can work together while living in different realities because everyone interprets the world in their own way. Assumptions, misunderstandings, information gaps, behavioural habits, biases – these often sit under the radar, affecting performance, motivation, and delivery. We call it ‘The Fog’, and it makes progress difficult, frustrating, and slow.

This session is all about team alignment for effective delivery.

Timothy Gallwey’s acclaimed The Inner Game teaches four parts to the learning process:

  • awareness of what is
  • focus of attention
  • own choice (regarding own decisions)
  • trust in self and team.

This transfers to the letter when it comes to developing the Agile Mindset and I specialize in helping teams with the first step. In this session, you'll learn about the research behind team alignment, you'll find out a structured team alignment process works, and you'll see results through a case study with Samsung.

We will workshop a few areas around 'perception differences' and I also offer a free Take the Team Test online tool to assess your team's behavioral and cognitive alignment. Anyone attending this session is invited to take the test in advance and share your experiences of it in this interactive session.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

15 mins - personal story about 'The Fog'

15 mins - the research behind team alignment, ownership and effectiveness

15 mins - introduction to an alignment process

15 mins - case study on team alignment with Samsung

30 mins - interactive session with participants who already went through the free Team Test - results and experiences.

Learning Outcome

How to recognize misalignment

Why misalignment adds cost and alignment adds value

How to work with people to clear the fog and build a better shared current reality

About team alignment resources

Target Audience

People who want to lead teams and organizations through the shift to Agile

Prerequisites for Attendees

Take the Team Test in advance and bring your results / experiences to the session: https://mirrormirrorhub.com/take-the-team-test/

Bring an open mind - this is all about where the social sciences meets business process to bring REAL RESULTS.



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