Thinking more product: Moving from Scrum to a dual-track agile approach

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In this talk, Suze explores a case study from her recent work in a London agency, where, working for a large retail client, the programme of work moved from a project-based delivery model incorporating Scrum to a more product-based model. Drawing on aspects of Kanban, Design Thinking and Lean Startup, and implementing a dual-track agile approach, the team is now ‘thinking more product’.

Suze will delve into how the organisation has shifted to this model and how it coped with the change. She will talk through some of the difficulties that she experienced along the way and how these issues were mitigated, and provide take away techniques to help in your organisations.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

This talk is an in-depth look at a recent case study of an agency and clients’ move to a more product-focused delivery model. Suze has worked in digital and project management for the last 14 years, and seen the dial shift from Waterfall to more agile delivery methods, and now the move to ‘thinking more product’. This case study focuses on a programme of work for a large retail client, and how the ways of working were changed to implement dual-track agile. These new processes cover aspects of Kanban, Design Thinking and Lean Startup, adapting the existing Scrum model to drive the customer-first approach.

Any organisational and client changes need bedding in, and Suze will talk about how these methods were implemented with the internal agency team, the client and the third parties involved, discussing the pain points and how the process was adapted and improved.

Suze will give practical tips and tactics on how to move to a more product and design-led approach, whilst not sacrificing the development process. She will also demonstrate how to implement these new processes into existing organisational structures, looking at the methods involved in bringing the product-focused, customer-first approach to the forefront.

In this talk, Suze will cover:

  • The agency's previous Scrum model and the pitfalls for design
  • The dual-track agile approach
  • Implementing new processes and a blend of frameworks
  • The move to a customer-first and more product way of thinking

Learning Outcome

The main outcome of this session, will be tips on adapting current agile ways of working, and how to adapt your approach and bring in new processes in organisations, looking in particular at the dual track approach, and a more product/services customer-first focus.

Target Audience

Project and product managers, anyone leading digital agile / design-led projects

Prerequisites for Attendees

It is not necessary to know anything, although an interest / some knowledge of agile processes is beneficial. This talk is aimed at Beginner / Intermediate level.



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