Open Salaries: from employees to managing partners

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Do you want to hire the best? I suppose yes. Do you want them to grow, to improve their skills continuously and to develop your company? Hope so? But what happens if people grow quicker than the company itself? That might be an issue and you need serious changes in your company to keep employees interested to stay, to grow and to develop your company. We are using open salaries, money transparency and an advice process in ScrumTrek company to retain interest, to have a new source of enthusiasm and motivation of our employees. We started our journey 2.5 years ago and we are happy to share how it feels from inside.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  1. Few words about ScrumTrek
  2. Rapid growth, an all-star team, and further problems
  3. Preparation to open salaries
  4. Dive deeper - financial transparency
  5. Introducing an advice process
  6. What do we have as a result?

Learning Outcome

Practices which you can use to improve employees motivation and to start a journey to self-management culture in your company.

Target Audience




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