Artificial intelligence and automation have fundamentally and profoundly changed the way we work and Live. This is true for Agile teams. It has changed the way they collaborate, learn and improve as well as the tools used. BOTs are taking Agile management tools to the next level.

This session focused on four key learnings:

  • Understand the evolution of Agile management tools and the impact of artificial intelligence and BOTs.
  • Discover how these emerging BOTs help Agile teams to achieve more.
  • Study the current state of Agile and the usefulness of AI on its future state.
  • Inspire participants to accomplish more leveraging AI and be future ready by contributing in business transformation.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
  2. Evolution of Agile Tools (20 minutes)
  • 1968 – 2010: Trace the history and evolution of Agile tools in comparison to evolution of Agile itself starting 1968, and learn how tooling has evolved through the years till 2010.
  • 2010 – 2016: Review how today's digital economy is presenting opportunities and threats at every corner to the organizations. To thrive in this dynamic environment, we need agility throughout the organization. Organizations are embracing change and making speed a competitive advantage by connecting business and technology operations—real time. We will talk about transformations that Agile tools are going through during this time

3. Beyond 2016: AI enabled Agile Tools (10 minutes)

In parallel, the number of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled Agile tools are entering the market. Most of these tools are good for very narrow focused tasks, such as facilitation of daily scrum meetings when team are distributed across geographies with short or no time zone overlap.

A couple of these tools will be introduced with the current trend and then compared against the trends of the dot com boom. Our objective is to better prepare attendees for future trends in AI for Agile tool landscape.

4. Current State of Agile and the Role of AI in Agile (10 minutes)

Agile is becoming a standard delivery method adopted by organizations across the globe. Today, organizations experiencing success with pilot Agile implementations, but struggle with scaling Agile at the enterprise level. These challenges manifold when teams are practicing distributed Agile at scale.

Few organizations have scaled Agile successfully and they have shared tips behind their success through 12th State of Agile report by VersionOne. With reference to VersionOne report, we will share a list of success factors derived from our experience in Agile delivery.

By now, most organizations have set up AI capabilities primarily to solve industry problems. Only a few organizations have started their journey to exploit these technologies to achieve Agile success at the enterprise.

5. Mission 2020 for Agile SMEs (5 mins)

Artificial intelligence has reached its tipping point and has quickly made its way into our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. AI is here to stay and we are only at the beginning. Multiple tips and examples will be shared, encouraging them to consider AI for Agile as a true opportunity, an enabler to go beyond process/technical coaching and an evolver to reach the next-generation of Agile automation.

Learning Outcome

  • Gain awareness on the future of Agile tools
  • Understand AI’s role in Agile and Agile tools
  • Learn how to accomplish more leveraging AI and be future ready by contributing in business transformation

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Change Enthusiasts

Prerequisites for Attendees

Prior Agile exposure preferably either as Scrum Master or an Agile Coach

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