Reviving your Agile Transformation

When I look around to see the successful Agile transformation claims and the case studies, the key to the success is the sustainability of the transformation which means most people in the organization endorsing the Agile Culture, which is rare.

Teams, groups, companies start their transformation with good intentions. However when you look at it after a while we see that it has gone back to waterfall, stalled or worse they claim agile but ground reality is far from it.

So overall people are confused because

  • Managers, Scrum Masters claim that they are agile upwards
  • Engineers on the ground are confused because the Agile that they’ve learned is not what they see
  • Organizational culture is still that of Cat (Fearful & Suppressed) rather than Lion (Confidence & Freedom)

Do you see such situations around?

In this workshop we will analyze the situation together to understand and identify the causes. Then you’ll come up with the strategy and roadmap to revive so as that the group/company moves in the direction becoming an Agile Organization.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Workshop Format:

Participants will analyze their current situation methodically by filling in various details

Introduce the new and innovative "Role Agility Model"

Come up with the Agile revival plan based on this new model

Learning Outcome

Strategy and roadmap to revive the Agile transformation so that the group/company becomes more Agile as an Organization.

Target Audience

Leaders (Management, Dir, Coaches, PO) responsible for Agile Transformation interested in reviving or taking it forward with greater impact

Prerequisites for Attendees

- Practical implementation experience with Agile

- Know the ground reality of their Agile transformation that they would like to improve


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  • Venkatesh Rajamani

    Venkatesh Rajamani - Liberating Structures Immersion : Unlocking to Unleashing !

    90 Mins

    About Liberating Structures

    Liberating Structures offer a revolutionary solution to collaboration in groups. Invented by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, Liberating Structures are a set of microstructures (33 at the moment) that use a handful of simple rules to unleash and involve everyone - no matter the size of the group.

    About the Immersion Workshop

    I will demonstrate the power of Liberating Structures in 90-mins quick Immersion using Strings (I will string 5 LS together to solve a problem to demonstrate participants how to use them in their real life. By immersing themselves in 5-6 Liberating Structures, participants will learn how to use them to help others work at the top of their intelligence and creativity.


    There won't be any slides for this workshop. The entire activity will be demonstrated using number of LS.(Strings)

    You could find some pictures of LS workshop from the website of mine. I am happy to provide more information if you want. I have been running the same as part of my meetups.