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Enterprise Agility is about collaboration and willingness to embrace risk, learn, improve and move forward. Transformation to Agility requires multi-dimensional changes and these changes are driven by people with the right mind set across the organization.

Typically in the early stages of a transformation people tend to be skeptical and demonstrate the 'cannot' syndrome - this cannot happen, we cannot do this and this is not the right way and so on. However leaders with positive approach and the right balance of aggression and patience can take along the onlookers and the skeptics and successfully transform towards enterprise wide Agile practices - not only in IT but also in the Business and Support functions.

My presentation identifies the 'Cannot' syndrome towards Agile and DevOps related transformation at the hierarchical layers of an organization and explores the 'Art of the Possible' to transition people to a 'We can and will do it' journey.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1) Key dimensions of Agile-DevOps transformation

2) The people dimension and why mindset change is important

3) The typical 'Cannot' syndrome exhibited at different levels

4) The Art of the Possible leveraging concepts/techniques such as Design Thinking, 6 Thinking Hats and TPS 5-Whys

5) How coaching and mentoring could help

Learning Outcome

1) An appreciation of the challenges in Enterprise Agility transformation

2) Clarity on how mindset change is a basic driver for the transformation

3) Do's and Don't's while going through the transformation journey

Target Audience

C-level executives, Transformation Managers, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, Scrum Masters and any Agile/DevOps enthusiast

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic awareness of Agile values and principles and DevOps fundamental concepts would a plus.

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Public Feedback

    • Nilesh Kulkarni

      Nilesh Kulkarni - Enterprise agility with #noframeworks

      45 Mins

      Many companies in today's VUCA world are planning to bring enterprise agility. While many frameworks are available in market, what is missing is the mindset, culture and organizational design that is needed to bring enterprise agility. It also demands coordination across entire value chain and various business process that are part of, or impact the software development life cycle. This session will focus on larger context of enterprise agility and what is needed to bring life to agile enterprises.

    • Prasad

      Prasad - Remaining innovative - struggle story of a growing start-up

      schedule 2 years ago
      Sold Out!
      45 Mins
      Case Study

      Being a start-up we are discovering new business models and experimenting new client behaviour. Our platform is a B2B insurance digital platform which redefines customer experiences of an Insurance retailer / broker. Having 7 paying customers, now all of us are spending time with client on boarding and removing blockers related to legal, contracts and procurements process. We thought we are smart in having a separate team to focus on new discovery / new ideas so that our creative juices keep flowing in the midst of all the chaos of client on- boarding etc.. but this turned us into dysfunctional discovery - delivery teams, we started becoming silo organisations one focusing on discovery and other focusing on delivery.

      This case study is about how we experimented a dual track model to regain our agility in experimentation and discovery.