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Agile Coaching is a relatively new discipline and there is a lot of misunderstanding about why coaching is useful, what skills and competencies an agile coach needs to have, how they engage with individuals, teams and organisations and how to tell good coaches from mediocre ones.

As someone who wants to become a coach, what skills and competencies do you need to build? There are training courses, but they are not enough. Becoming an effective coach requires much more than book knowledge, it needs deliberate practice and experience working with individuals and teams.

As someone who is considering engaging a coach, what should you look out for and how do you establish the relationship to ensure the best possible outcomes. How do you create the environment where we can grow your own coaches inside an organisation, what is the pathway to competency for an aspiring coach?

In this talk Shane explores these topics and relates it to his own journey to becoming a recognized expert coach through a competency-based assessment (ICE-AC).


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This talk has been designed using the TBR 4C's approach

  • 5 mins - start with the participants exploring their own experience of agile coaching and discussing what makes a great coach.
  • 10 mins Coaching is a discipline
    • Agile coaching as a subset of coaching
    • Domains of agile coaching
    • Competencies of an agile coach
    • Shu-ha-ri for coaching
  • 5 mins introduce powerful questions
  • 10 mins Practice using powerful questions
  • 10 mins My experience
  • 5 mins Q&A

Learning Outcome

The participants will be able to:

  • Explain that agile coaching is a specialization of the broader coaching discipline
  • Explain the competencies of agile coaching using the ACI coaching framework
  • Describe a pathway to mastery for an agile coach
  • Use powerful questioning in a practice coaching session
  • Relate an example of following a pathway to professional coach certification

Target Audience

agile coaches; aspiring agile coaches; scrum masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

An interest in or curiosity about agile coaching



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