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Everyone talks about the importance of an inclusive culture, but how do you actually create it? Using the voices of the diverse scaled Agile team I led for 2 years from their entries in my leaving card, I will share how the key themes of their feedback, energy, caring and fun, come together to create a culture where team members feel valued, trusted and able to do their best every day regardless of their cultural background or which team or company they work for.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • The ‘HOOK’ and the ‘WHY’ mins 1-5: Tell a story to kick the talk off, about 6 Indians who can't swim and only 4 boats which came from a team event I ran and link the story to why an inclusive culture is so important.

(slide: bright sunny photos of the team kayaking on Sydney harbour)

  • The ‘WHAT’ mins 6-10: Introduce the leaving card from the end of the 2 year project, and explain how the themes (energy, caring and fun) on inclusive culture came from the diverse team themselves (and not me!) using their entries on my card.

(slide: picture of the card and highlight one of two hand written entries)

  • The ‘HOW’ mins 11-25: Tell short stories of my leadership style and experiences around the themes of energy, caring and fun to bring them to life for the audience, 5 mins for each

(slides: use photos of team interactions and having fun)

  • Audience ‘SELF REFLECTION’ mins 26-35: Interactive audience sessions using example scenarios that people will role play/discuss with the person next to them. This will help them see their natural style - how much energy, caring and fun do they naturally have? And if they don’t have it, how can they build up these elements of their leadership?

(slides: to support the activity with instructions)

  • The ‘CONCLUSION” mins 36-40: Make the link to the outcomes the project delivered, and how team members felt valued, trusted and able to perform well. The close on how the story from the intro ended and how team members reflected on that day.

(slides: more nice pics of the team and sunny harbour)

Learning Outcome

  • For leaders, practical ideas and tips to create an inclusive culture
  • For team members, knowing what an inclusive culture can feel like and the desire to be part of one

Target Audience

Leaders and team members



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