Agile finance enabling business agility

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Adaptive handling and flow of financials are an important ingredient to business agility. Essentially what we want to achieve is, to have the money in a company flow to where it creates most value. In the modern dynamic business environment this is an increasing challenge as we on one side see the need to be very adaptive throughout the year to cope with the changes in the business and on the other side people in enterprises as well as suppliers and partners would like to have sufficient financial stability to plan their work. On top of that come regulatory requirements.

For ICAgile I led an international team of professionals in 2018 to create a learning curriculum outlining the most important things you need to know about finance in an agile enterprise. This curriculum is published under creative commons license. In this talk you will get an overview of finance agility based on the professional knowledge of this team.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction (5 min.)

Finance with an agile mindset (10 min.)

Management processes and leadership principles for agile finance (10 min.)

Agile procurement and supplier management (10 min.)

Regulatory considerations (5 min.)

Summary and further references (5 min.)

Learning Outcome

You will have an overview of agile finance: mindset, principles, distribution, supplier handling, procurement, regulatory aspects.

You will know about key concepts and approaches for financial agility

You will have references to dig deeper after the conference.

Target Audience

Leaders, project managers, Financial controllers, CFOs, who want to know more about how agility can be achieved in functions dealing with financials in an enterprise. Agile coaches who want to approach financial functions in their companies.

Prerequisites for Attendees




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    Case Study

    When it comes to success in Agile, there is certainly no single formula for success but there are two basic principles that go hand in hand: the right Mindset and Empowerment

    Here I present, a case study of two teams (that I led at different points in my career), both of whom followed the Agile methodologies. One team was efficient and focussed while the other was sluggish and unpredictable. There were a few fundamental differences, between these teams that led to completely different outcomes, although both teams comprised of talented and committed individuals. This session, gives you more insights to enable your teams for success. For more details, click the link to the slides.

    This is a new talk and the case studies are based on my experience in the industry over the past 20 years having worked as a developer, scrum master, and development leader in companies like Alcatel, Siemens, Nokia and now Ericsson.