Obstacle Board and climbing up the board ladder

Speedy removal of impediments is a key success factor in developing and sustaining high performing teams. However, like any process worth following, sometimes it is easier said than done. There are many scenarios that can derail the obstacle resolution process and cause the team to lose faith in the approach. Lack of accountability and visibility would prohibit the sense of urgency on removal of the obstacles. Some of the impediments are really hard to solve. Hiding these will make it very easy to ignore while making them visible creates pressure to resolve.

Obstacle Boards do wonders to create the culture of respect & trust between the leadership team & engineers. They establish global visibility and accountability on activities in obstacle tracking and removal. It is essential to learn practical and proven technique to create sense of urgency around obstacle and enable the leadership team to ensure regular review of obstacles and focus on resolution. Basically a foolproof technique to manage your obstacles with a good visual management and with effective measures.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

We'll focus on the following key themes:

  1. Introduction and brief interactive discussion about impediments
  2. Identification - Common pitfalls
  3. Hard to find impediments? - Where to look ?
  4. Obstacle Board -Powerful, tried and tested vehicle to create visibility and accountability in resolving obstacles .
  5. Scrum Master role in resolving obstacles.
  6. Bonus topic: Pop Up Quiz

Learning Outcome

  • Create a culture and hunger of obstacle removal.
  • The different ways to deal with the obstacles
  • How to train others the art of obstacle removal?
  • Moving from "Scrum Master's responsibility " to "everyone's responsibility " attitude.

Target Audience

Product Owners, Product Managers, Business Leaders, Agile Coaches, Scrum Master, Developers, Architects

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of scrum framework


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