Travel notes from the journey of a 170 year-old industrial company to a digital company (Siemens case study)

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The talk is to share experiences and learnings with the digital transformation at the company Siemens.

All of us who work in large, traditional cooperation can undoubtedly learn a lot from agile showcase companies like Spotify and Airbnb. But we also understand that these approaches are not easy to transfer in every context. Large companies with structures, processes and culture that evolved over decades have very special challenges in such a transformation.

A few years ago, Siemens embarked on its transformation journey. We are in the middle of the transformation from a classic industrial company of the 20th century to a digital company of the 21st century.

Some typical questions addressed by specific Siemens examples

  • What scaling framework to apply; if any?
  • Top-down or bottom-up transformation?
  • What are the pillars of a transformation initiative?
  • How to become efficient and adaptable at the same time?
  • How to accelerate leadership development on all levels?

Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Case study format, story telling

  • Why? Objective of change
  • starting point
  • specific steps, observations and learnings with regard to challenges, practices, processes, and structures
  • common challenges and approaches of large corporations (as we know from cross-company networks)
  • next challenges to be addressed

Learning Outcome


  • identify specific elements of an agile transformation at one company example
  • are inspired to related that to their own experience and situations
  • recognize similarities and differences to their own approaches and learnings
  • take away one or two ideas to try in their context

Target Audience

People leading or supporting agile transitions in large traditional companies

Prerequisites for Attendees

no prerequisites

just be curious how others do it



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