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I’m 22years old and I have started to work between 17 and 18 years old. I’m a freelance and an enterpreneur.

There are a lot of differences between the approach of my dad to the world of work and mine. The world of work has changed and it’s changing.

The company which I’m co-founder count a network of about 20 professionists who callaborate with us in different way and in different countries. All people are under 28yo and for us it’s normal: emergents leadership, different countries, "pull" approaches, continuous feedbacks,...


How young people are approaching the world/culture of work? Are the new generations naturally surfing complexity?


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

- Presentation

- What does complexity means?

- The complexity and the culture of the world of work

- The different approaches to work of the new generations (from my experiences)

Learning Outcome

How the new generations approach the world of work and why the "agile mindset" are naturally evolve in these new generations.

Target Audience

Everybody who are interesting in the evolution of the world of work and in particularly to the "new" world of work of the new generations.


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