Driving Agile Transformation in Large organizations - a hands on perspective

This session will provide a deep-dive into the Agile transformation experiences in one the most reputed organizations in the world. We will look at that challenges faced in driving the Agile transformation in the large organization of about 300 Software engineers, Managers and other R&D members , the key aspects of the transformation that are required to succeed, what are the pitfalls to avoid and how to tailor the transformation to suit the different cultural aspects that vary between locations.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Defining success of an Agile transformation
  • A brief history of the organizational changes that led to the transformation
  • Experiences in driving the transformation in 3 locations across the globe, with a focus on the Bangalore office
  • Challenges faced and how the team dealt with these challenges

Learning Outcome

  • How to plan out an Agile transformation
  • What are the success measures in an Agile transformation
  • How to identify pitfalls during the transformation exercise

Target Audience

Agilists, Scrum masters, Leaders driving Agile transformation in their organizations.

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