Challenges of distributed software development across various 5+ time zones globally and leveraging SAFe concepts

At Cleo, our engineering development team is globally distributed with remote employees throughout the US and office locations in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Bangalore India, and London.

We have several release trains and squads within each release train. We have adapted SAFe to suit our needs to help us scale where agile was floundering. SAFe helped us achieve the organizational imperatives and made everyone more effective.

We will share our first-hand experiences utilizing SAFe concepts, how we conduct Program Increment planning, execute our PI, and share collaboration techniques we use across our distributed teams.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

At Cleo we have 84+ engineering resources globally. Many are remote, otherwise work in the following office locations:

  • Bangalore India
  • Rockford Illinois
  • Chicago Illinois
  • Pottsville Pennsylvania
  • London

We currently have several release trains for:

  • Cloud
  • Data Movement
  • Data Transformation
  • Secure Fax & Notification
  • Dashboards

Session Outline:

  • We should like to share what Program Increment (PI) Planning means to us, how we are conducting, and lessons learned
  • Each quarter we hold an all engineering PI planning event – share first-hand experiences
  • Learn preparations required for a successful PI Planning event week – story mapping readiness, logistics, etc.
  • Explain the PI Planning week makeup – ceremonies, activities, how the week is executed out
  • Executing the PI – boundary reviews, plan vs actual, retrospectives, etc.
  • Learning and applying SAFe concepts – including roles like RTE and POs
  • Continuous PDCA

Learning Outcome

  • Attendees will learn of real world scenarios and obstacles faced with distributed software development
  • Attendees will experience development planning strategies and distributed planning techniques
  • Attendees will takeaway fun collaborative ideas to apply in real world scenarios

Target Audience

Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters, Portfolio Managers, Product Managers, Product Owners, Epic Owners, Enterprise Architects, Software Engineers

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