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UX is driving Engineering and Product crazy, a black throwing off timelines and killing ideas. They’re too siloed and not collaborating well. UX doesn’t seem Lean, and popular Agile methodologies haven’t figured out how UX fits in, often suggesting that a Product Manager describing features in stories is enough for developers.

UX is throwing your Agile train off so much that you want to throw them under it. Can’t anybody make wireframes? Can’t we circumvent or exclude these people?

Companies are figuring out that UX specialists and the User-Centered Design process are good investments that more than pay for themselves. Recent highly-publicized UX failures remind us that skimping on the UX process can alienate customers, create negative media attention, and burn millions of dollars.

This session explains how the UX process fits into Agile, saves companies money, augments DevOps goals, and increases customer satisfaction. Learn how to save time, money, and sanity when UX does research, designs, builds rapid UX prototypes, conducts and interprets UX testing, and iterates… before developers write a line of code.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This presentation is a short version of my 2-day workshop on the same topics. With only 45 minutes, the structure would be for me to present material and leave some time at the end for questions.

DevOps ICU is my new and unique program to help engineering teams around the world work more efficiently, productively, with better culture, creating better product, and more aimed at customer satisfaction. Your customer only sees your UX, not your 10 or 1000 developers, not if you were Agile or Waterfall. Even site/app performance and speed is now being seen by users as "UX." We must refocus teams on breaking down silos and working better with UX and product design specialists. Your company doesn't put non-experts and non-specialists into engineering roles... why do they keep doing that with UX?

NOTE: the video I am linking below is the 25-minute version. I would be presenting the longer version for a 45 minute time slot.

Learning Outcome

Objectives include:

1) Learn that DevOps goals overlap with UX goals.

2) Correct integration of UX experts and tasks saves time and money, increases productivity and efficiency, creates the best idea execution for the target customers, and keeps engineering’s changes and rebuilds to a minimum.

3) Learn how UX specialists conduct user research; design your entire product, app, website, or system; validate it through user testing; iterate to fix flaws; and deliver vetted blueprints so you can build once.

4) How User-Centered Design fits into project timelines and development methodologies including Agile and Lean.

Target Audience

all non-UX roles interested in improving software dev processes, workflows, and results

Prerequisites for Attendees

No knowledge of UX is assumed or required. All are welcome!

Leadership, management, and execs are welcome since some of my suggestions requires top-down change. While that level tends to misunderstand UX or believe they just draw boxes on pages, mistakes are being made in hiring, resourcing, and other higher-level decisions.


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