Agile practices for Large scale IOT/AI Project:

While we are practising Agile methodology for a long time now, Technology has evolved. We no longer just build traditions websites with backend services. With the advent of IOT and AI, our Agile practices need to change as well.

I want to share our experience and learning when I religiously tried to follow conventional Agile practices while building a large scale IOT Application, challenges we faced and how we evolved new Agile practices to match IOT & AI world.

We needed to re-invent all the important aspects like Testing, Deployment, security and privacy.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

a) OverView of IOT project LifeCycle

b) Testing



e) Challenges while scaling

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome

a) New Agile definition for IOT projects

b) How developing IOT projects are different than the traditional one.

c) Best practices for IOT projects.

Target Audience

Developers, Tech Leads, Project Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Little knowledge on IOT would be good.

Basics of Agile disciplines, approach and practices

Should know how agile works in traditional projects

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