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When one has fun at work, work becomes fun. However, daily pressures, metrics, KPIs, and what not, have dissolved the fun, and made work drudgery in various ways. This creates stress for individuals, in teams, and across teams, there is mistrust, unnecessary competition, blame, finger-pointing ….

What better way to learn, and re-learn the basics of life, work, team-work - than to play a game, have fun, and correlate it with how life and work indeed should be treated as a game, and we should have fun in this journey. Only then can people truly succeed, and so can organisations.

Here, we will play a game – “Collaboration - A Taboo!” – where you will –

  • Re-learn collaboration techniques via a game!
  • Learning applicable for individuals & teams, in small or big organisations
  • Re-live your childhood when playing this game

Be prepared for a twist which will leave you thinking!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  1. Make teams - 3 min
  2. Introduce the rules - 2 min
  3. Play the Collaboration game - 25 min
  4. Retrospective - 10 min
  5. Share / discuss other learning - 5 min

Learning Outcome

All attendees will be participants in this high-energy, loud, fun and chaotic game. Following the game, we will have a retro where we will discuss our learning from the game, and how it applies to each of us in our personal & professional life

Target Audience

Applicable for ALL roles, at any experience levels - Product Owners, Business Analysts, Devs, QAs, Automation Engineers, Business stakeholders, Managers, etc.

Prerequisites for Attendees

In this workshop, we will be playing a game. The attendees will be split into different teams and it will be good to have open space for the participants to move around / self-organize themselves.



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