Unlocking Agility - 7 Signs You're On the Right Path

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Organizations place business agility as one of their top strategic priorities, yet there are multiple reasons enterprise transformations fail. How do you know you're on the right path? What are some of the concrete signs that your organization is becoming more agile? In this talk, Jorgen Hesselberg goes beyond the tools, frameworks, and hype to outline 7 concrete signs that show you're on your way to unlocking agility.

Whether you're an experienced agilist or just getting started on your journey, Hesselberg will help you appreciate your current strategy and highlight where you may want to make some adjustments along the way.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. Context: the clock speed of business is accelerating; we need to operate in more agile ways

2. Problem: Agile transformations often fail; lots of risk

3. Solution: Rather than focusing on problems, here are 7 concrete signs that show you're on the right path.

- If you don't do any of these - ask yourself what you can do to be more agile.

4. Go through the 7 signs - with concrete examples

5. Conclude - and provide resources

6. Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • Go beyond tools and frameworks and understand the essential behaviors that need to be in place for an organization to become more agile
  • See concrete examples of agility in organizations that made the transformation
  • Get inspired - and start aligning your operational strategy to your business strategy

Target Audience

change leaders, executives, agile transformation coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

An open mindset; a basic understanding of agile ways of working



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