Training from the Back of the Room is a training methode base on the neuro-sciences.

It engages learners in an active way. The learning is fun, energizing and collaborative.

During this workshop, we'll explore the fundamental concepts, and practice many activities proposed by Sharon Bowman, the creator of this method.

Training from the Back of the Room is used by many coaches or Scrum Masters and organizations, in different types of Agile trainings.

Let's spice up your trainings and workshops!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

We'll explore and practices the 4 main concepts of Training from the Back of the Room in this session (The 4Cs) :

Connexions, Concepts, Concrete Practice, Conclusions.

Each of the 4Cs will be explained, and then practiced straight away, with different types of exercices (fun and engaging).

Learning Outcome

Be able to put the learners at the center of the learning process.

Learn new tips and tricks, and exercices for facilitation.

Understand how the brain learns, to help catch the attention of the learners.

Being able to adapt the training to the audience.

Target Audience

Facilitators, coaches, team leaders, scrum masters, trainers


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