Half day workshop: Performing and Thriving in the new era of Ecosystems

This workshop is thought as a deeper and more practical experience on the topic expressed in my talk proposal (see here).

The technological, economic and social changes of the last decades have led to such a level of global interconnection that the real potential is no longer in individuals or single organizations, but in the rich and complex network of relationships between them. This scenario opens up new fundamental questions for the survival and growth of our organizations.

The discovery and answers to these questions will be guided by understanding what it means today for a company to be part of an ecosystem and how this affects in a non-linear way any flow of value within and outside the organization.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

The workshop will be an iterative experience in which each participant will learn from and build on the others.

Moreover, the iterative approach will allow to explore the following points, each round building on the previous ones:

  • Our core identity
  • Our key strengths
  • The concept of narrative and which are the most important ones for each of us
  • The more relevant relationships we have with the wider ecosystem

Thanks to the exploration of this points we will identify how we can contribute to the wider ecosystem and how it nurtures our own organization.

Please, note that when I use "we/us/our" I refer to the participants.

Learning Outcome

You will understand what is an ecosystem and how to see the ones you are part of.

You will learn how to find the sweet spot at the intersection between self-interest (as individual and organization) and a broader ecosystemic interest.

Target Audience

It is valuable for all those people working in team. In particular: project managers, Scrum masters, coaches, managers and entrepreneurs.

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